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A very useful book for obtaining a driving license, download PDF of the book from here

Very useful book for getting driving license Gujarat very useful book for getting driving license (Licence), useful book for driving license (Licence) exam, download for free. A very useful book for getting the driving license (Licence) Special e-book for the exam.

Driving License Gujarat

In order to legally drive a motor vehicle in the state of Gujarat, one must have a valid driving license. A driving license can be obtained by a person having a learning driving license. Learning Driving License is issued in Gujarat by Gujarat RTO as per the provisions of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. A learning driving license (Licence) issued in Gujarat is valid for a period of 6 months and application for permanent DL can be made after 30 days or within 180 days from the date of issue of the learning driving license (Licence).

Driving License Question Bank

Questions and Answers : A comprehensive list of questions and their answers given by the RTO (Regional Transport Office) department.
Road Signage: Traffic and road signs and their meaning.

Driving License Exam Gujarat

Time Bound Test: Similar to the RTO test, random questions and questions related to road signs will be asked in this exam. The time limit for each question is exactly as sanctioned by the state RTO department.
Test Result: A detailed result will be presented at the end of the test along with the correct answers and answers you provided.

Driving License Practical Test

No time limit: Once you go through the question bank, you can practice yourself without worrying about the time limit.
Jump to Question: ‘Go to Question’ adds the ability to jump to any question by entering the question number.

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Driving schools and RTO consultants

Search : Are you looking for authorized motor driving schools or RTO consultants around you? RTO exam has become easy for you. Just enter your city or select your current location to see Motor Training Schools and RTO Consultants near you.
Add Driving School : If you are a motor driving school owner, or if you are a user who has found a motor training school that is not listed in the RTO exam, let us know by filling the form. We will add it soon.

Procedure for Gujarat Driving License Exam

If you want to drive a two wheeler or four wheeler on the road, you can drive it after obtaining the license by giving the exams presented by the government.
Even then you have to go through two steps to get the license.
First of all you have to get learning license which is first of all computer test and also road test.
The second step is where you have to apply for a driving license after one month to renew the issued learning license.
For the license you have to go to your nearest RTO center and there you have to take the exam online in computer.
For that question booklet is provided here which is in Gujarati, Hindi and English language.
Which you can read and understand and get full marks, then download it now by clicking on the link given below.

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