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Nowadays, there are many people who want to start their own business, so they are always looking for the topic of new business ideas on the Internet. However, due to many reasons, not all of them can start a new business or business because either they do not have enough information about the business or they do not have enough capital to start the business. Due to which all these cannot start their own business

And not being able to start such a new business or new business also includes the people of the village who want to start their business but they do not have information about the business and even if they get information about it, they do not have it for this. does not have the required capital.

But my friends who want to start their own business while living in the village need not worry because today in this article I will give you complete information about the new business idea i.e. Top 10 Manufacturing Business Ideas for Village in Gujarati then this article ends. Read up to

Top 10 manufacturing business ideas for village gujarati In this article I will give you information about manufacturing business and also tell you where to get loan for starting this business.

Before that let me tell you that Manufacturing Business is a business in which a product is made by collecting raw materials. So let’s understand through this article that there are Top 10 manufacturing business ideas for village Gujarati which you can do while staying in the village.

Start These 10 Best Manufacturing Businesses in Villages

1.LED Lights Manufacturing Business | LED Lights Manufacturing Business

Friends, for all of you who live in the village or who want to start their business in the village, LED Lights Manufacturing business is a great opportunity. You must know that in the village, large bulbs are mostly used, which we know as yellow bulbs or 100 bulbs. And since this bulb is 100 volt, the light bill is also higher, so you can start LED lights manufacturing business.

In today’s time LED bulbs are used in every home because they provide more light with less electricity consumption than using bulbs. And these don’t last long either. So due to this, the demand of these bulbs in the market has started to increase.

So in today’s time this LED Lights Manufacturing business is a profitable business and if you start this business in the village then you will also get good benefit from this business.

There are two types of doing LED Lights Manufacturing business in which in the first type you have many companies who will make LED bulbs on your name or brand and deliver all the raw material to your shop. You can sell these goods in the market by packing them with your brand label.

If you do LED Lights Manufacturing business from this type then you don’t need any kind of machinery or raw material for that. In this you get all the ready made goods which you have to pack under your brand name and sell in the market and take your profit from it. Government also helps you for such business. Government also gives you training to make bulbs for LED Lights Manufacturing business and also teaches you how to distribute in the market.

Or another way is that you yourself can order all these materials and make them in your company and sell them in the market. In this type you have to install a lot of machinery and also hire people to run it which adds to your cost.

To start this best business you need 1 to 5 lakh rupees and once you market your new business idea you can get a lot of benefit from this best business. To distribute this product in the market you can give the goods to many distributors or you can market and distribute this product yourself.

  1. The business of making biscuits

If you want to start a business at home or you are thinking of starting a business then biscuit making business can be the best business for you. You know that biscuits are a food product whose market demand is always increasing. From small children to old people are fond of eating biscuits. You can also start this biscuit making business as a home business. The market demand for this never diminishes.

You must have seen that even though there are many brands of biscuits in the market, many people prefer to eat local biscuits with tea as they also get the taste they want.

3.Candle manufacturing business

In today’s time, the candle business is not like it used to be. Now many types of designs and flavors have come in this business as well. In earlier times, candles were used to provide light in the dark, but today candles are used in many fields.

Like in a candle light dinner, or in a big festival, or in any decoration, candles have started to be used in every place. For this business you get many types of designs and flavors which you can share in different type of market like Hotel,

A decoration shop, a religious place, a party, a birthday party etc.

If you want to do business of candles it can be a profitable business for you. And in starting this business you have to invest 1 to 1.5 lakhs. You can also start this business online.

  1. Chips crunch business

Nowadays, the business of chips and kurkure is the most flourishing business in the village area. In earlier times chips and kurkur were imported from outside and sold in the village and in the last few years so much has developed. In this business or one place, a packet of its locally made kurkure chips is easily available at every shop and why not

The raw materials of chips and kurkure are available very easily and at very low cost in village area, then we need to manufacture them, labor cost is also available at very low cost in village area, due to which kurkure chips making business is most profitable business here. is

To start a business, you need a place where you can collect raw materials and make products.

Again you can pack it with your name or your brand and send it to the market because it is the most favorite food of children, due to which it runs a lot in the market, so you have to look for the most attractive packaging, so that it looks good in the market.

5.Agarbatti manufacturing business

We all know that Agarbatti is a product that is regularly used in every home, so the sale of Agarbatti never ends, there is always a demand for it in the market.

Apart from this, it has a good demand in foreign countries as well. Agarbatti business is a business that you can start at a very low cost and the profit is also very high.

Agarbatti business is a risk free business as now it comes under the category of never ending business, all the raw materials used in making agarbatti are easily available in your market.

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